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It is crucial that your fire alarm system is designed to meet the specific needs of your company. No two designs should ever be the same because badly sited detectors – or having the wrong type installed – can lead to false alarms.

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There are many different types of fire alarm systems but the most common include:

» Non-addressable systems – These are best suited to smaller buildings and usually consist of 10 to 25 detection devices.

» Addressable systems – These are usually found in larger buildings and are capable of complex programming to provide a wide range of applications. For example, ventilation systems, fire breaks and the closing of fire doors on corridors.

» Radio fire systems – We will usually suggest this type of system when wiring isn’t allowed, such as in listed buildings like churches and stately homes.

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we fit all our fire alarm systems to meet British standards BS5839. All our equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to minimize the risk of false alarms. Your company will be provided with a drawing of the system layout which will be needed if you wish to add to the system in the future or to detect problems.

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Before we hand-over the completed fire alarm system, checks will be carried out to ensure every aspect of the work meets the specifications in the plans exactly. The full system will be tested to make sure everything works, as it should. You will then receive all the necessary documents, certificates, operating manual and logbook .